Z is for…

…The Bug Zoo

Zombie Flamingo

Ok, I know some of you were expecting “…Zombie Flamingos”, and while the infamous Zombie Flamingo is in James Bay, it’s only considered a landmark by a few incredibly astute individuals.

ZSo, in the end, I live in Victoria, meaning how could I do “Z” and NOT do the Bug Zoo? It’s one of the tourist destinations in downtown Victoria, and I do have to confess, I have never been inside. Why? Don’t know. I don’t particularly like bugs, but I think it’s more that I just haven’t gotten

around to it yet. Like I haven’t gotten around to going into Miniature World (I would rather go to the Bug Zoo).

Anyway, from what I’ve read, “The Bug Zoo exhibits about 50 species of insects, arachnids, and Myriapoda and is currently the largest tropical insect collection in North America and has Canada’s largest ant farm that contains leaf-cutter ants.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Bug_Zoo)

By the way, I did go into the Bug Zoo, but I was too late for a real tour, and they don’t allow cameras inside anyway.  I’m not yet convinced I’m going back.  She said you get to hold the bugs…that they are friendly bugs that don’t bite…I’m not convinced…




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So, now I’ve come to the end of my A to Z Challenge for April 2015. I hope you’ve enjoyed it – I know I certainly have! I’ve learned some interesting things about landmarks near where I’ve lived, and taken some really cool photos. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much, I am considering making reporting on landmarks near where I live a regular part of my blog. Stay tuned to find out more!

Part of the April A to Z Challenge.

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  1. A Bug Zoo! How wonderful! I’d love to visit 🙂

  2. The Butterfly World place is charming. Bug Zoo? mmmmm, no thanks. Your A – Z was great.

    • Thanks! And that’s kind of my sentiment. Oh, and thanks for the reminder – I think my first “Around Victoria” post (my new series starting soon!!) will be on the Butterfly Gardens just up the peninsula from Victoria.

  3. Loving your theme 🙂 I think it’s really interesting seeing what everyone chose for their themes!
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

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