N is for…

…the Niagara Grocery Store

NThe Niagara Grocery store is our “corner” store. Well, there is another, larger grocer closer to us, as well as another corner-like grocer/confectionery, but the Niagara Grocery is where I prefer to go for produce and meats (locally grown and organic), as well as some more specialty items I can’t find at the larger store.

The Niagara Grocery has been a fixture in our neighbourhood since 1911, and is apparently Victoria’s oldest grocery store. The current owners bought it a few years back and restored it, bringing it back to bustling life. It is run and staffed by really nice people, and they offer a veggie box program which I love (lots of locally grown seasonal veggies every week!).

So, this has been a short post, but it is for one of the places I visit the most!



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Part of the April A to Z Challenge.

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  1. Visiting new blogs during the #Challenge is always a treat. You are to be congratulated on these uncluttered, easy to read posts. Feel like coming to see me in NC? When I’m not writing, I’m gardening. I’ll be watching for you.

  2. You lucky thing, Emily ! – it looks simply super !
    I have to walk for about 25′ to get to one even remotely like that; and even then it’s not REALLY like that.

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