K is for…

…Killer Kool (sorry) float homes in Fisherman’s Wharf

KI wanted to showcase float homes, but already had “F” and “H”, so sue me!  Anyway, today I am posting some pictures today of float homes in Fisherman’s Wharf (which will be covered under “W”). This is only one of a couple of places in Victoria where you can find float homes. What are float homes? Well, basically houses that float on the water. But they are not houseboats, as float homes are permanently moored. Oh, and they also cost as much as (or sometimes more than) the “land house” we live in now.

Not a lot of privacy for the float homes in Fisherman’s Wharf, given that it is usually teaming with tourists who can freely walk right by all the float homes (unlike some of the other float homes in Victoria that are in gated communities). And people do actually live here – all year round!

If you want to see what float homes look like inside, I encourage you to Google Victoria Float Homes and you will probably find listings for ones up for sale.

You can see the backs of some of the homes from the entrance to Fisherman’s Wharf



The float homes at Fisherman’s Wharf are mostly very colourful



I did NOT walk in front of them for pictures as I just feel kind of creepy looking at them that closely.  So here are the backs of some more of them…


Not as many tourists now as there will be soon!


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  1. Blurry interesting ! – but that huge bank of mindless high-rise residential does something to reduce the over-all beauty, alas !
    Just like here, in fact. 🙁

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