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…the Inner Harbour

IThe Inner Harbour really is tourist central in downtown Victoria. Framed by the Legislature, the Empress, Wharf Street and the open water, everyone walks around the Inner Harbour to get from one attraction to the next. And it is, of course, an attraction in itself. You can read an extensive history of the Harbour at Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Harbour_%28British_Columbia%29).

There are two ways to walk around the Inner Harbour: up top along the roads, and down along the water on a walkway (or causeway, whatever…) that also allows access to the many boats docked in the harbour. This time of year, there are few, if any, buskers and artisans along the walkway down along the water, but during the “Season”, you will find any number of musicians, food stands, living statues, artists, and others selling their talents along the walkway. My understanding is that anyone who works on the Inner Harbour walkway has to apply and audition for their spots. There is also a wall, the one along the Legislature side, which is reserved for indigenous artists.

You can catch a water taxi from the Inner Harbour. They make stops around the Harbour, and also run tour of the Harbour. You can catch a ferry to Seattle or Port Angeles on the Coho (you have to take the Coho if you are taking a car) or the Clipper. You can also catch float planes to downtown Vancouver, or just for a tour of the Victoria area. Just so you know, the Inner Harbour airport is supposedly one of the busiest in Canada. And you can also catch a zodiac to go whale watching.

Here are a few pics of the Inner Harbour from the last couple of days. No real crowds yet, but I’ve included a couple from past events just so you can see…

A walk around the Inner Harbour

Starting up at Milestones at Wharf Street





Walking across the top along Government Street



Looking down at the harbour ferry dock


The Captain Cook statue

I-AtoZ-April22015h I-AtoZ-April22015

Plaques abound behind the statue



Now walking along the walkway from the middle across to Belleville (and the Legislature)

Looking back towards Milestones where I started


The Historical display in the centre


Continuing my walk around





The totem pole back up the stairs


Canada Day celebrations




Interesting Websites


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  1. Nice shots. Love the name of your blog. Good luck with A to Z. Cheers.

  2. I am in Victoria and love the sights of the Inner Harbour too! I hadn’t realized you are a local 🙂

  3. We are linked, Emily ! Cook and Bligh for me and Vancouver for you ! – I had no idea.
    Ya learn every day, mate !

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