D is for…

…Dallas Road

DWhy a road, you may ask? Well, for me, Dallas Road is the road to many interesting features of Victoria (Fisherman’s Wharf, Ogden Point, Clover Point, Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway, Beacon Hill Park, Ross Bay Cemetery), and it stretches from the Inner Harbour area (specifically to Fisherman’s Wharf) all the way to the University of Victoria area. Well, that’s not really true since although the road continues un-broken all the way to the University, it is not technically Dallas Road for all that way – Dallas Road itself only stretches just past Ross Bay Cemetery where it becomes Hollywood Crescent, then Crescent Road, then King George Terrace, and then finally Beach Drive. I ran Dallas Road for all of my marathon training (I still need to post about the marathon experience..some day….) as Dallas is part of the main route for the marathon itself. It runs along the water and is spectacularly beautiful, even on dreary days.

People walk along Dallas, especially along the beach, the walkway, or the promenade. They also kite sail, take carriage rides from the cruise ships, scuba dive, fly kites, run, bike, you name it.

And now for some pictures – note that while I took a couple of photos yesterday, most of these photos were taken on training runs last year. I just didn’t have time yesterday to walk the length of Dallas. Rest assured, however, Dallas Road will come up again for some of my future posts as some of the landmarks I am presenting on this A to Z challenge are along Dallas, including Beacon Hill Park which I featured for B.



Looking in the direction of Ogden Point


Looking in the direction of Clover Point


Kite flying festival


Kite sailing, or whatever this is actually called…


Shakespeare on the Sea near Clover Point


The promenade


Random scenery along Dallas








Marathon pics along Dallas





Ogden Point


Clover Point


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 Part of the April A to Z Challenge.

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  1. Nice pictures. I’m just visiting from Blogging A to Z, and I was wondering, where is this? I know it’s along Dallas Road… I think I saw Victoria, BC in your tags? Either way, cool idea, posting about places like that. At first I got excited, thinking this was about Dallas, Texas, which isn’t too far from me. The places you’re talking about sound like places I’d like to visit. When I realized that you’re probably not talking about Texas, and perhaps not even the US, I was a little disappointed. Still, interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi! Sorry, it’s Victoria, BC – I’m blogging about landmarks here for the A to Z Challenge. But, we would love to have you up here for a visit! It really is beautiful. Thanks for visiting!!

  2. I’m enjoying seeing places on your side of the world. Very different from Johannesburg where natural beauty needs at least a 30 minute drive.

    • Thanks! Victoria is one of those places for sure where, in most areas of the city, a short walk will get you water, parks, hills, and lots of scenery!

  3. I love the idea of blogging A-Z about your area. Was this a WordPress prompt? Very neat. Great photos too.

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