A moment to promote my other blog

Ok, this may not be of interest to any of you following Zombie Flamingos, but I actually have another blog.  It’s a work blog, but I’m the one who posts on it.

Now, the blog itself is focused on Distributed Education/E-learning at Camosun College, but I also post about online teaching and learning in general, so if that interests you, take a peek!  And if it doesn’t, no worries – I just wanted to put in a plug for it here.

So, if you want to check it out, it’s at https://decamosun.wordpress.com.  If not, we’ll see you here again at Zombie Flamingos for my next riveting post, whatever it may be!

Have a good Friday!!


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  1. Gosh, you’re a dumb person, Emily Schudel ! – so higgerant …
    I reckon go for it: you never know when someone with a butterfly-like brain like mine might read sumpn interesting (read ‘comprehensible’) … [grin]

  2. You never know your luck in a big beautiful city.

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