365 Project January Recap

So, I’ve started a new 365 Project. I started on January 1st, and am following the prompts from Capture Your 365 (http://captureyour365.com/)  Here are my shots from January (check the Project365 site if you want to know the themes).  Most of them are iPhone 6 shots, but for February, I will be using my new little Canon point and shoot more:

January2-2015-New  January2b-2015-ThinkOver


January5-2015-Ensemble January6-2015-WhereIStand

Solitude  MyGear

Jan92015d January10-2015-Habit

January11-2015-Whiteb January12-2015-FrostHeeHee

January13-2015-PopOfColour January14-2015-BePositive

January15-2015-FirstTaste January16-2015-Snowflake

January17-2015-Powdery January18-2015-Balance  January19-2015-Spaceb  Trio3a
January22-2015-BlockOfColour January23-2015-OnTheThird January24-2015-WhoAndWhat

January251  January26-2015-Move1

January27-2015-Nourishing1  Play1

January29-2015-Tethered2 January30-2015-Committment


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  1. I would be gasping with admiration were it not for the fact that the Petro Canada shot appears to’ve been taken through the car window. TSK !
    In all seriousness, these are terrific shots, Em: all the kinds of thing that one sees in photography magazines. Have you been reading ’em, then ? 🙂

    • I thought it wasn’t a bad shot for suddenly realizing the gas prices were under a dollar and trying to sneakily take a picture with my iPhone while I was sitting at a red light. And no, haven’t been reading photo mags, although I think about reading them a lot…

  2. I am old, so I find it so amazing that we can just take pictures whenever we want, and manipulate them and post them to the internet within minutes! Lovely photos!

    • It is amazing, isn’t it! Even though I clearly remember the days before iPhones, the Internet, and even computers (first computer class on a PET in Grade 11 – saved all data on a cassette tape – yes…a cassette tape!) it’s hard to conceive of a life without any of them now!!

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