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In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

Oh, I don’t know about this one.  I mean, I hear plenty of made-up words on a regular basis on TV and at work (I work for  post-secondary institution – and have worked at post-secondary institutions for years.  Imagine a government run by people with PhDs…).  So I don’t feel right adding to the list of “annoying words we don’t need because there are already words out there that mean the same thing” (irregardless?)   Not to mention I think it might be a better idea to spend a bit of time teaching people how to use already-existing words correctly (disinterested?)

I know that I have more examples tucked away somewhere in my mind, but of course I never think of them until I hear them being used and groan out loud.  Plus, it’s 5:40 am and my brain is only thinking of coffee, something for which we definitely don’t need another word.

On the plus side, prompts like this one are definitely showing me where my comfort zone is in regards to blogging.  Give me the “this prompt just cries to have a picture put into it” prompts any day!

Now, here are some old, random Dexter pics to get the day going…

table dexter1 table dexter2

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  1. This is an excellent response, Emily ! – I commend you, me old china plate. [grin]
    “Irregardless” must be one of these times’ very worst efforts; and of course the meaning of “disinterested” is known by very few indeed whilst the word is used in the wrong sense very often indeed.
    As I spent several years editing PhD theses, I commend you also for surviving your environment. I think. I mean, “post-secondary” ? – wouldn’t it be easier to say “tertiary” ? Or don’t Americans use that one ?
    And as for Dexter magnifying himself in the sun … that’s totally … erhmm … awesome !

    • Well, I survive (after working at Universities and Colleges for almost 30 years now – oh god!!) by letting myself be as cynical as I want to be, and allowing myself to laugh (sometimes while banging my head on a wall) at the inanity of it all. As for “post-secondary”, there you go – another buzzword I’ve picked up in my daily work-a-day life. I’m liking “tertiary” though. I’ll see if I can get that one stared!

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