ABC Wednesday (round 16): B is for…

…Beaches in Tofino

Some photos from 2011 when my best bud Susan (from Regina) and I took our road trip up island (Vancouver Island, that is) to Tofino, the surf capital of Canada (  Beautiful!

BIsForBeach1 BIsForBeach2 BIsForBeach3 BIsForBeach4 BIsForBeach5 BIsForBeach6



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  1. Hello there, You know, those beautiful beaches could be anywhere in the UK,
    Good snaps!

    Best wishes,
    . ABCW team.

  2. Looks a tad chilly. Or maybe I’m projecting the foot of snow we’re getting in ALBANY, NY tomorrow!


    • Actually, it was quite beautiful (it was late July/early August), but the water there is definitely way too cold, all year round, to surf without a wetsuit. I hope you are surviving the storm!!

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