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What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

Ok.  Let’s try our hand at the daily prompt.  Why?  Because I can’t always decide what to blog about, so this gives me something!

Now, the last picture I took – that’s never hard because I take a lot of pictures.  I’ve just started a new 365 Project, and I am doing a 52 week project, as well as a photo a month topic challenge.  And I just got a new point and shoot a few months ago, a new iPhone, have a DSLR I still need to learn how to use, and am just getting a new iPad today.  So, lots of options for shooting pics.

So, the LAST pic I took was this one


What is this, you say?  Well, it’s our dining room table, still with some leaves in it left over from the last time we had people over for dinner.  The 365 Project topic yesterday was “space”, and this felt very spacious with no one sitting at it.  We had lots of people over for dinner over the Christmas holidays (I call them that because I work for a post-secondary institution, and we actually get all that time between Christmas and New Year’s off.).  And now it seems empty and lonely.  And that, for me, was space.

Now, a little more interesting were some pictures I took during my walk at work yesterday, which were the second-last pictures I took.  I had to fix them a bit as I am still getting used to the new camera (and I’m still not happy so obviously I need more practice with it), and then I decided to have some fun.

Tree4 Tree4b Tree4c

Just because.

Now, there is not much of a story here.  I walked up a hill, and back down, on my lunch break yesterday, as I do many days when it’s not pouring rain.  I like trees, and I like trees with moss on them, so there you have it!

Well, having never tried the Daily Prompt before, I’m not sure how this works beyond posting here, so I will have to investigate this and see where I am supposed to put the link to this post, and then we’ll see what happens!

Daily Prompt: A Moment in Time – there there is a camera, there is a photo to be uploaded

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