2014: A Short Recap

So, after reading other blog posts this month, I have decided that I want to do a 2014 recap post. Not a blog recap, but a recap on what happened in our lives last year. I thought it would be fun, for me anyway, and I could re-post some pictures I posted last year…and maybe some new ones.

So, 2014. The year I turned 50, finished my first marathon, finished the first year at my new (and kind of dream) job, and finally took a road trip vacation with Kevin – first vacation in almost 20 years. Other things happened to, so let’s take a look!

January and February were exciting months. We had our new(ish) gas dryer installed. And February saw us choosing the vinyl flooring for the porch which was getting very close to being finished – the refurbishment, not a new porch, but it feels like a new porch!


In March I think the porch was pretty much finished, and I painted the office…finally!


A couple of races in April and May – the Times Colonist 10K and the Oak Bay half marathon


In May/June I delivered my first full slate of workshops at work, so it was a busy time!

Then, in July, the road trip vacation back to Saskatchewan – as I said, the first vacation we’ve really taken in 20 years. And one I will finally continue to blog about in the coming weeks. July and August were also the months of the longest stretch of vacation I’ve had in years. 5 weeks off!

sunset 2

September was quiet, but October was my first marathon, my 50th birthday, and along with that a surprise visit from my best bud Susan (that’s her with my friend Darca who lives here now) from Saskatchewan. What a treat that was!!!


November and December saw a bit more work on the house. Some window repairs and storm windows in the office and the dining room, and a new railing on our deck! December also brought Christmas, and dinners with family and friends. My Aunt Carol, Uncle Bob and cousin Julie along with her new boyfriend Phil, came up from Sequim in Washington and it was a whirlwind Christmas feast before they headed right back (and no pics, as I was cooking a lot of the time!).

image4  Our Christmas Tree 2014

I am sure other things happened last year. Mom and dad and I went to symphony concerts and the opera, I went to book club meetings. Kevin and I saw Bobby McFerrin in June, which was a treat, and back in May, Kevin, Judy and I went to see Steve Martin and his bluegrass group. Another memorable evening. I could keep digging up other random events, but all to say all in all it was a good year, and I am looking forward to 2015!

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  1. Wow, you had a great 2014! And you ran your first marathon on my birthday! Lots of boxes ticked, it seems to me. Always very satisfying. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a very nice and successful year. Wishing you a great one in 2015.

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