Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbour

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Done, done, done and done.

This was easy as I just completed my first Cee’s fun challenge and visited some new-to-me wonderful blogs, some of which I commented on. I also commented on a couple of the blogs I was already following – blogs on which I have never commented. The one thing I always have to remember to do, however (on WordPress blogs) is to remember to check the little box to get email notifications for additional comments for that blog post so I can see if anyone replies to me (I just have to know!), otherwise I would have to remember to go back to the blog post and look, and there is no way I will remember that. There is too much in my brain, and no room on my many calendar notes and to do lists to add that to!

We are also given some tips about commenting:

Try to avoid comments that simply say “Great post!” or “Thanks!” — make an effort to add to the discussion. – Ok, guilty as charged of this, although I do try to think of more to say.

Be specific about why you enjoyed the post. See above. I am guessing that if all I say is “Great post”, it’s probably doesn’t count as being “specific”.  How about “great post about that thing you posted about”?

Ask a relevant question. Ah, a RELEVANT question. That explains it…

Respectfully offer a counterpoint. (And because it can’t be overstated: respectfully.) Yeah – maybe once I get to know you…

Share a related experience. Or make one up? 🙂

Be concise. If your comment ends up being more than two paragraphs, consider writing a post of your own and letting the blogger know they inspired it.   But longer than “Great post”, right?

Don’t leave a plug that simply links to your blog — your name links back to your blog anyway. Plug my blog? I never thought of that…

Ok, that was just me being my silly, always question everything self. But, I pledge to work on my commenting skills more this year, so beware and expect something more from me than “great post”!

In the meantime, here is my picture of the day – finally…gas prices below a dollar in our neck of the woods.  And just so’s you knows, that is $0.99.9 per litre in Canadian dollars…and litres (note the Canadian spelling…)  Also known as gas under a loonie!

Gas Prices on Jan 14 2015



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  1. Thanks so much for the pingback. I’m thrilled you participated in my challenge.

  2. Great post and tips Ese and I am sure a lot of us can learn from this hon. I just got a comment that just said : ‘I hate spiders.’ I suppose you know what I did with it and of course, I will never ever go through the trouble of visiting that person’s blog again.

    It makes me sad when I visit blogs I’ve never visited before and leave kind comments, and then I get comments like that, or some of them don’t even bother replying. I don’t mind at all if they don’t visit, but if they do, I would really prefer a kind comment, or is that too much to ask?

    I guess I’m stupid, but oh well, that’s me. I found this post quite interesting and I don’t know much about the gas prizes either as hubby is the driver.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. 😀 ♥

    PS: Don’t feel bad either. Sometimes all I can think of is a ‘Wow’ or ‘Gorgeous’ or ‘Stunning’ and then all other words fail me. 😆

    • Tips are all courtesy of Blogging 101! And my replies are all courtesy of my unwillingness to follow the rules. And commenting should always be kind, even if I don’t like spiders much, I love the pictures of them! Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Hi from a fellow Canadian living in Ontario. From a purely budgeting point of view, those gas prices can stay low forever, as far as I’m concerned. Paying $75 for a tank of gas was absolutely obscene, in my opinion.

    I like the way you write, Emily. I also share everyone’s problem with comments. Sometimes what I really want to say is “This made me cry,” or “I laughed until I peed my pants” – but I’m not sure this is what the tipsters are thinking of as appropriate comments. 🙂 On the other hand, they’re certainly real.

    And frankly, if someone likes my post well enough to go through all the WordPress hoops to find the link to where they’re supposed to comment (I have to say that WordPress isn’t the easiest for that) and just say “Wow,” or “Gorgeous,” then I’m grateful they took the time. Even a “like” gives me a warm feeling. Yeah, I’m a wuss, but there you go…

  4. Here’s to us wusses!!!! 🙂

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