Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbours

Ok, today’s assignment is to: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.  But, I’m not going to do this.

Confession time:  I am a blog-a-holic, at least with regards to following blogs. I follow a LOT of blogs on a LOT of topics, although most of my favourite blogs are the ones that post wonderful pictures. That’s probably because I find I have a short attention span some days when it comes to reading blog posts. But, perhaps that is the goal I need to work on during this challenge. To commit to spending more mindful time reading AND commenting on blog posts. I suspect this will come up in the next challenge – something along the lines of, now that you’re following blog, let’s start commenting!

Since I started blogging in earnest last year at this time, I have “met” some fascinating people, and it’s funny how I look for their posts every day in my email box. I don’t always know them by their actual names, but I know them by their blog names, and their posts make me happy every day. I’m not going to start listing them, because undoubtedly I’ll forget someone and I don’t want to make anyone sad, but I do want to thank everyone whose blogs I follow – you have expanded my universe and make opening my email something I look forward to (for good or bad…) every day!

Now, here is a picture of what I would be seeing through the dining room window in our old house in Regina. Stay warm all my Saskatchewan friends!!


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  1. Omg… This sounds so familiar… I also follow a lot if people and despite liking poetry & reading, I’m drawn to photography blogs… Thanks for always stopping by my blog and liking my posts… Glad to have you as a loyal follower…

  2. Hello, I too have a short attention span when reading blogs….but I just read this post, yeh!

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