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Wordless Wednesday – Me and my Dad

Me and my dad

Wordless Wednesday – on Wednesdays  all over the internet bloggers  post a photo with no words to explain it.

Michelle’s Pet Challenge

Ok, in case you’re seeing a pattern, I’m bringing myself back to more-or-less everyday blogging by starting some photo challenges.  And today, I am doing Michelle’s Pet Challenge with an oldie, but a goodie.

Simon and Bailey

These are Bailey and Simon, when they were 6 weeks old, just after we brought them home.  Looks like Bailey has crashed, but Simon is still ready to roll!  In our grand tradition, we got them from an ad in the paper (nowadays, our cats come from Used Victoria).  Simon and Bailey are no longer with us, but they shall never be forgotten.


Macro Monday

Macro Monday June 16


Sunday, June 8: What I saw on my run today

A lovely day for a “long” run.  Long today being 14K.  With a few hills and nice breeze along the way.  Here is a log of my journey, taken during walking breaks.

First, the path I run on is supposed to be for walkers/runners only.  Now, I don’t normally see any skateboarders or in-line skaters, but I do see bicycles once and awhile, and usually they are NOT wearing helmets.


Now, every so often along the way, I will see metre markers.  I am not sure where they start or end, but here is one:


Here is some scenery along the way…

June8c2014  June8d2014

June8e2014  June8f2014

Lots of driftwood everywhere.


The street I run on, and it is one very long street, changes names several times.  When I start, it’s Dallas Road, then it becomes Hollywood Crescent, and then King George Terrace, and eventually Beach Drive.  People are supposed to drive slowly (as per the 30K sign) because it’s very windy, but I find locals are usually driving faster, and tourists slower.  I am always amazed there aren’t more accidents!


Bus Stop – we have no-idle laws (well I don’t know really if they are laws, and I don’t know if they apply across the city) of sorts here…but the bus is certainly not supposed to idle here next to this park…

June8i2014  June8j2014

Here comes the hill, and on my way up, I paused to take a picture of a trail I need to explore sometime….

June8k2014  June8l2014

I just like these grasses, and this is also where the road is King George Terrace…

ne8m2014  June8o2014

I LOVE this!  I need to run up the hill with a couple of books to donate to this wonderful little road-side library!


More scenery…

June8q2014  June8r2014


And, back up the hill…


Oh, and this is what Victoria looks like in the summer. If you’re looking for green grass, come back in February!


Heading back…


The wind was good today – this first guy was right over my head!

June8w2014  June8x2014

A sailboat coming around the bend…


And finally, ending with a walk past some pretty roses…


And thus ends the long run for today – another beautiful run with scenery I NEVER get tired of!

New Do

Ok, I admit it.  Sometimes I get really bored with my hair and then go completely overboard with a new do with wild colours.  And that’s what happened yesterday.  NO “natural” hair colour at all.  Only blue, green and some purple overtaking my hard.  And I?  I LOVE it.  Don’t know how the folks at work will feel about it, and I KNOW Kevin hates it, but I will keep it for the summer, and then return to something a bit (meaning open to interpretation) more subtle for moving into fall.  But for now, here’s where I am!

Now, the pictures don’t do the colours the justice I was hoping they would – they are much brighter in person (and especially under the sunshine) but they will give you some idea….



Yay hair!

June 5: Critters I saw on my walk today

Well, critters that were staying still enough I could take pictures of them!

Cows (and the first one below was one big ass cow!)

cow  cows

Deer – before it bounded away.


Llama (and in the background, sheep)




And, finally, the often evasive wild hat.


Porch update

Another short porch update.  The siding and trim pieces are back up!  Only a few more little detaily things for our wonderful carpenter to finish, and it’s done!

porch1  porch2

porch3  porch5

porch4  porch6

porch7  porch8


Sunday, June 1: Things I saw on my run today

So, I didn’t take photos at last Sunday’s run (the 1/2 marathon race) because I was chatting all the way with a young woman from Charlotte, North Carolina.  But, today I was out for a 10K run on my own with camera in hand.

On my first walking break, I took a picture of one of the many sets of stairs down to the beach along my running route…looks mysterious with all the trees.


Wild rose season is starting to slow down, but there are still plenty left blooming along the way.


Ah, the banners are set up for the kite festival – it’s going to be busy as I get closer to Clover Point…


Here is one of the larger kites getting ready to fly.  I never did see it fully in the air, but I think it would have been pretty impressive.


Past the festival now and running along the sea wall.


Grasses and flowers growing along the rocky beach.


Getting close to the halfway point…


And here it is – whoo hoo!  I don’t have to go up the hill today!


Heading back past one of the many park/beaches along the way.


Roses blooming in yards all over!


Back along the sea wall…


and heading back to the kite festival.



Had to walk through the crowds, but then started up again.


Ending with some pictures of flowers in our own yard…



Another long(ish) run completed!