New Do

Ok, I admit it.  Sometimes I get really bored with my hair and then go completely overboard with a new do with wild colours.  And that’s what happened yesterday.  NO “natural” hair colour at all.  Only blue, green and some purple overtaking my hard.  And I?  I LOVE it.  Don’t know how the folks at work will feel about it, and I KNOW Kevin hates it, but I will keep it for the summer, and then return to something a bit (meaning open to interpretation) more subtle for moving into fall.  But for now, here’s where I am!

Now, the pictures don’t do the colours the justice I was hoping they would – they are much brighter in person (and especially under the sunshine) but they will give you some idea….



Yay hair!

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  1. Love it. I do the same thing only my color is more subtle because I refuse to bleach it in order to get crazy with it!

  2. I remember a post a good long while back on this very topic, Em ! 🙂 Amazing, the colours you come up with – no idea how you do it ! Poor Kevin … [grin]

  3. It looks awesome!

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