Not So Silent Sunday


I meant it to be silent, but…I miss my truck…had her for 17 years, and now gone for 3.  So, I had to say something about why I chose this photo.  This is what happens when you dig through old pictures looking for something for Silent Sunday, although technically according to the rules, I shouldn’t have been digging through the past.  I’ll try again NEXT Sunday!

Should have picked this instead.



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  1. this is probably self-explanatory, but what is “Silent Sunday?” I like the sound of it.

    and I can understand missing your truck. I had a VW Cabriolet that I loved wholeheartedly and it’s gone now — without even a photo to remember her by. (I loved her so much that even though I had to climb over the gears and passenger seat to get out of the car because the driver’s side door was stuck, I wouldn’t give her up. I just climbed over the seat in my heels and dress every day, lol.)

    • Silent Sunday is one of those many photo challenges out there. The “rules” are at, but I don’t always follow the official rules. I confess, I do like to bend rules whenever possible!

      It’s funny how those old, gas guzzlers grab our hearts! I’m glad I have pics for the memories though.

      • LOL, I’ve been a rule bender as well, and contrary to what people say, it is NOT always a bad thing. =) thanks for exposing me to that — I’m finding the idea of being silent is kind of intriguing.

        Happy hump day!

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