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m  Master Bedroom!

Ah, the master bedroom. Where do I begin? Well, like every other room in the house, it was full of furniture, in this case, two queen beds, and assorted little tables and some comfy chairs.

Master Bedroom 1

It’s a big room… with a fireplace. And a closet that has no doors. And while I’m on the subject of closets, this closet, like the two in the spare bedroom, does NOT fit hangers. Dumb. Don’t know if it’s the cedar lining that probably was added sometime in the past, or if the closets were actually that small, but you have to hang things on a small angle if you want to close doors. Although the closet in this room has no door – it’s missing, and we don’t have any idea where it went.

So. The master bedroom. It had a huge ugly green rug on the floor, and after I got rid of all the furniture, including the beds (there were 8 beds in the house. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of beds? I had to finally put them up on Used Victoria for free because no one would take them. Only one charity in town takes beds, and they weren’t taking any more at that time…sigh…) we took the carpet out of the room to see that the whole center section of the floor was unfinished.

Master Bedroom 2

Okey dokey then. Guess we have to refinish this floor (which we did, along with the hallway upstairs as it was also unfinished under the ugly green carpeting on it.)

Master Bedroom 3

Then the walls. Wallpaper everywhere, and I hate wallpaper, so off it would come. Yes. Great idea. As long as the person who wallpapered the wall painted the drywall first, which they didn’t. If I ever find out who wallpapered that wall over unpainted drywall, I will punish them. Oh yes, I will.

Master Bedroom 4  Master Bedroom 5

Master Bedroom 6  Master Bedroom 7

Hours and hours and hours of stripping that wall, we had to have a drywaller come in and skim the whole room. Two days before we moved in. Or was it one? Do you know how much a newly skimmed room burns the eyes? It does. And it is very dusty after all the sanding. What a nightmare. Although, it does look great now.

Master Bedroom 9  Master Bedroom 10

Kevin painted the room after we moved in. We slept on a mattress on the floor of another room for a couple of months though.

Master Bedroom 11  Master Bedroom 12

Now, it’s a restful, quiet room.  All that’s left to do is to replace the ugly old aluminum windows with wood windows, and to possibly replace the coal burning fireplace with a gas one.

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  1. You two are doing wonderfully by the old house, Em ! – you should be totally proud of yourselves !

  2. I recently redid my bedroom. It’s quite the challenge! -mikaylinrocks@ a to z challenge

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