C is for…

CClematis…and a clear (cool?) running day.

A run update and a picture post today.


This is our clematis vine that we planted last year, and which is blooming great guns a year later. And what a wonderful light, sweet scent! We planted it here because this cherry tree is no more. It is an ex-cherry tree, and therefore perfect for some vine growing – and my hubby, Kevin, is really into vines.

Now, the run. First, I realize now I didn’t report on my Tuesday run, except for the beautiful sunny view. It was a 40 minute (with 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down) 6K run. Run/walk. Done.

Tonight was a 30 minute run. Now, bear in mind, as you may have gathered, I’m a slow runner. I can walk faster than I run most of the time. And on my runs, I take walking breaks. Yes, even with a 30 minute run. And sometimes I stop and take pictures. So, today I ran for 5K. From my house, down to a place called Clover Point and back.

And what did I see today, you may ask? Tulips in bloom!


So, there you have it…What will tomorrow bring? We will see tomorrow!

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  1. Gorgeous clematis ! – lucky you … Well, p’raps not so much lucky as good gardening, Kevin, eh ? 🙂

    • I’ll let him know you said that – he’ll be so flattered! And yes, he does baby his clematis, as well as his bamboo. He love his bamboo!

      • Struth !!! Well, I hope he keeps it confined … Downunder you have to grow bamboo in pots or in beds surrounded by bricks or hard surfaces, as it simply goes wild …

      • @M-R (I can’t seem to reply to replies of replies…) He has old claw foot tubs painted purple containing the bamboo. I’ll have to post pictures of them sometime.

  2. We have a ways to go here in NY before our clematis will dare to grow! That sure is a beauty.

    • I am so lucky to be living here now! I remember the days of having to wait until practically June to be able to plant a anything. I hope spring arrives for your soon. Thanks for visiting!

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