Blog Her NaBloPoMo, Thursday, March 6 2014

Does blogging bring out your best or worst self?

I’m not always sure what blogging brings out in me.

I think when I blog my photos, it’s bringing out something good of me.  When I’m trying to blog more writing topics, like this challenge, I wouldn’t say it brings out the worst in me, but perhaps something of me that I’m not sure is ready to be seen by the world.  I’ve always wanted to write more, and I have been journaling quite a bit more in the past year, but blogging is something public.  Something others are looking at, and maybe reading, and maybe shaking their heads wondering why on earth I posted this drivel.  But, that’s the part of me I’m working on.  I said to myself from the beginning that I am blogging about nothing in particular, and these challenges are pushing me into new directions with my thinking, my blogging, and hopefully ultimately my writing and my confidence in just saying what I want to say.

So, does blogging bring out my best or worst self?  I would say it’s bringing out some things that are part of the best in me.  The courage to try and not worry about what others think.  The confidence to work on becoming better at something I’ve always wanted to try.  And the cheek to try it in front of the entire world.

And maybe someday the inspiration to write a story about this:

Thurday March 6 2014

Or about this:

July 26 2013

(notice how I snuck the pics in?)

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  1. I did … I looked at ’em and thought to myself “You know, those … things … look almost like – pictures!”. Then I said “Naah – can’t be …” and wandered away. Only after typing this idiotic comment, of course. [grin]

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