Blog Her NaBloPoMo, Monday, March 2014

Tell us five interesting things about yourself.

Hmmm… five interesting things about me?  All of a sudden, this seems like a more difficult thing than it should be!  Why do we feel we need to be uncomfortable talking about ourselves?  Or do we?  Doesn’t matter – because today’s NaBloPoMo March 2014 prompt is “Tell us five interesting things about yourself”!  and in case you don’t know about this challenge, you can find out more here:

Ok, number one.  I used to play the upright bass.  For many years.  I played in symphonies and jazz bands.  My first Bachelor’s degree is in Music with bass as my instrument.  I still have my bass, and sometimes do miss playing, but it’s also nice now just having basically one job!

Another “interesting” thing about me is that I am “training” for a marathon this year.  I say “training” because it’s been hard to get myself really “training”, but I am committed to getting the habit back this month and will be posting about it again here.  I also say “training” because my goal is to finish.  Not win, place or even have a good time.  Just to finish.  And this will mean a lot of walking!

Number three:  now it gets hard.  I like to have fun with colours in my hair.  I just got a new hairdresser, and while I really like what she did with my hair and will be going back to see her again, I need her to do MORE colour.  I only basically have a base colour (well I think there are a couple of base colours in there), some blond streaks and some purple streaks.  I need MORE!

Number four:  and getting harder… I guess I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics.  That might be interesting.  I also was a sessional lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Regina for about 9 years, and at the University of Manitoba for 1 year.  I do miss teaching, and am looking forward to getting back in the “classroom” at my still new job as I will be doing a lot of the faculty training workshops, eventually….

Number five.  I have a job that relates not at all to any of my formal education.  I am an Instructional Designer for a Distributed Education area at a post-secondary institution, and have been doing this kind of work since 1998 in several different institutions.  Of course, not having a degree in instructional design, or e-learning or adult education is not uncommon for people who do what I do.  I am, however, thinking about starting an Ed Doctorate in Education sometime in the next couple of years.  I’ll keep you posted!

I guess I could have included my amazing hubby who went back to school at 35 and became an optometrist, and our four insane kitties, but this was about me!  Although, they are very interesting (and important!) parts of my life!!  But, that’s kind of what I think might be interesting about me, for today at least!

I’m thinking as I move forward into this challenge, I need to think about incorporating images into my posts.  I just ran out of time today.

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