CY365: Fri, February 14, 2014

Fri, February 14, 2014 by bass_id
Fri, February 14, 2014, a photo by bass_id on Flickr.

Today’s CY365 theme is “amore”, not surprising given the date. So how is this amore?

Well, last night when my sweetie Kevin came home from work, he went to the grocery to pick up supper since I had spent the day sick in bed. But he didn’t just get supper. He also thought of me at home alone the next day (today) if I was still sick, which I am. So he picked up chicken rice soup (no noodles because I’m GF) and my favourite potato chips and ginger ale.

Now I feel happily full of soup and can take a nap. All because of my amore.

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  1. VERY nice!

  2. That is awesome, get well soon 🙂

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