Running for Bacon: Week 4

Week 4 started great!  Monday was a bit of a shorter run because I needed to run right after work and before boot camp, so there was not a lot of time.  But I did it.  I’m a little worried about Tuesday because it’s supposed to be raining, and I have to be at book club at 7:30.  So, we’ll see…

Monday, January 27


Tuesday, January 28

No rain!  But I was suspicious of the distance recorded, so I double-checked my route on Runtastic’s route creator, and I really ran between 6 and 6.5 K.  Not that I want to be counting, but this was a good and spritely run, not a slog.  I am the first to admit when it’s a slog, after all even on my spritely runs I’m still slow like slug, but I want to celebrate it when it feels good!

RFB-Tuesday January 28 2014

Thursday, January 30

It rained bit, but I started early enough that it wasn’t too dark for most of the run.


The weekend

Ok, I admit it.  I took the weekend off.  It was unintentional, and I don’t have an excuse for not running this weekend, but I’m not beating myself up and I will be back to 4 days again next week!  I will get that bacon in the end!!

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