C is for Chair: Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “C”

So, I have decided to delve into the Tuesday’s A-Z challenge (http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/challenges-atoz/)  This week, “C”.  So, after a lot of thinking (I have a lot of pictures of cat, and clouds, and other things beginning with “C”), I remembered a picture I tool a few years ago when on holiday in Tofino, BC, Canada with one of my best friends.  We were walking along one of the beaches in Tofino (if you haven’t been there, it is an amazing place to visit, and apparently the surfing capital of Canada, although we did not try our hand (feet?) at surfing while we were there, opting instead for relaxing strolls on the beaches and on the various nearby trails.  Anyway, on one of our walks along the beach, we happened upon this:

Tofino Chair August 2011

I don’t know why this chair and table were there on the beach.  There was no one nearby who looked like they had “ownership” of them, but they intrigued me, and continue to intrigue me almost 3 years later.  Someday maybe I’ll write a story about them.  Another challenge!

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  1. What a fun image to ponder!

  2. your chair and table on the beach, covered with white clothes = like an art sculpture! The artist Marina Abramovic put chairs into cities, Salzburg for example: a sign, that we should sit down and reflect more often…

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