Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Week of Jan. 14

So, I thought I would try another photo challenge, Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge (http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/michelles-weekly-pet-challenge-round-up-and-start-of-new-week-10/) , seeing as how I love to take pictures of our kitties (or love to TRY taking pictures of our kitties when they’re not running around like the demon cats they are).  So, to start, here is a picture of Jasper who was sleeping behind me on the couch until he realized I was trying to take picture of him.  15 seconds after this picture was taken, he was gone.  Sigh…


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  1. This is such a sweet picture. Thank you for the lovely entry 🙂

  2. I know!!!!!! Either gone, changed position, turn away, close (or open) eyes… At least you got this one! What a handsome fellow Jasper is.

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