Running for Bacon: Week 1

Well, I’ve thought of another topic I want to blog about on a regular basis, and that’s my journey to my first marathon, which I am planning to run this October (on Canadian Thanksgiving Sunday) in Victoria, BC.  My posts will be Running for Bacon because our friends Judy and Gord, whose house is on the marathon route, have promised to hand me bacon as I cruise by!

Now, I have been running for awhile, and have completed a few half marathons, and other races, but I’ve just started my long awaited marathon training this week.  Now, just so you know, I call myself “slow like slug”, and I always take walking breaks.  For me, this marathon is not a race, but a “I want to finish one” scenario.  So, you will notice that my training runs show what some may consider a slow pace.  3 days a week I will be running for time (i.e., next week will be 30 minute runs), but my fourth run – the long run – will be for distance.  That way I can work on pace and other things like hills, etc. on the timed days, and on just finishing the mileage on the fourth day, which will eventually be up to about 30-35 K (a marathon itself being about 42K).

Anyway, I will continue to expand this story as I train, but I thought I would try posting a weekly post summarizing how my runs went for the week as I plot my journey towards the great Bacon Marathon!

This week, I ran Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Only short runs this week – next week I add the fourth day for a longer run! I managed to avoid the rain on all 3 days and discovered that the days do seem to be getting longer bit by bit as I didn’t have to carry my light for any of my after work runs.  As this journey continues, I will start carrying my camera on my runs again, especially the long ones, to start documenting where I go and what I see.  But I didn’t this week because it really was too dark.

Now, one of the things I want to figure out is how to post my run tracking from my Runtastic App.  I can’t seem to share from Runtastic to WordPress, so here is what I have jerry-rigged for this post:

Monday, January 6th:

Jan 6th run

Tuesday, January 7th:  Note that I’m not sure why this one shows 4.06 kilometers.  I ran the same route as the 6th – must be a GPS malfunction.

Run Tuesday Jan 7

Oops… I discovered after I posted these here that Runtasic had these listed on the wrong days (must be a time zone thing – I’ll have to check on this…)  I fixed it for the last one:

Thursday, January 9th

Run Thurs Jan 9

So, these were all 5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down, and 4 intervals of 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking.  Next week I will up the intervals to 4.  I like the short running intervals because I feel like I can push myself a bit.  Eventually I’ll up the running time…maybe…if I feel like it!  Bacon, here I come!

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