Zero to Hero Day 6

Today’s topic:  Publish a post that includes a new element.

This one had me for a few minutes.  I do post photos, and I do link to sites and write a bit, and as I find my voice, I am sure this will expand.  For today, however, I thought I would share a video.

So, let me tell you a bit about this video.  It’s a music video created quite a few years ago by some good friends of mine here in Victoria, BC, Judy and Gord.  Gord, (a videographer, and one of the musicians and song-writers/composers in the Cactus Pricks) re-released this video to YouTube recently as a higher resolution version due to renewed interest in the video because the diner in which it was filmed is part of a cool old building here in Victoria that was (and maybe still is) slated for demolition.  Here’s a bit about the diner, along with some brilliant photos by Toad Hollow Photography:

So, here it is, hopefully embedded below, “Would You Still Dance”  By the Cactus Pricks.

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