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Kitten Thursday – still February…but now almost March!


Kitten Thursday – still February…


Kitten Thursday man!

And we continue on in spite of the cold…

The first Kitten Thursday in February

Not much has changed since January…

The last Kitten Thursday in January (can you believe it?)

The Return of Kitten Thursday

I have been sadly remiss of late in my Kitten Thursday posts, but it is a new year!  And also, with the sad events of yesterday down south of me, I thought we could all do with a little Kitten Thursday.

The first Kitten Thursday in December!

Starting the end of the year off right!

The first Kitten Thursday in October!

Let’s get October off to a good start, man!

A late Kitten Thursday – blame it on the job!

I apparently made Jill cry by once again missing Kitten Thursday.  No excuses – except for work being a complete zoo…an online zoo, but nonetheless, a zoo.

OK Jill – here is Kitten Thursday!

I was reminded today that I have been slacking off on my Kitten Thursday posts.  Just being lazy, I guess…  So, without further ado….Kitten Thursday!