Blogging from A to Z Challenge: F is for… (#AtoZChallenge)

Welcome to my April 2022 Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

 Today, F is for DistressedFX.

See what I did there? Like every year, some letters are more challenging than others. Anyway, DistressedFX is another very popular app (I have the plus version) and is basically cool texture filters you can apply to your images and use sliders to control intensity, etc. You can also combine textures. That’s it. I use this app a bit in combination with other apps’ effects.  I find the effects work great with landscape-y photos, but you can used them for other kinds of photos too.

There are also some basic settings you can use (which are not labeled!)  The first one seems to be blur.  The second one is erase or fade,  The third adds random birds or trees.  And the fourth controls light and saturation (all are controlled by sliders and fingers).

The textures, well they come in packs and you can have two packs active at once, but can switch them out.  And you can also create custom filters, although I have not tried that yet.

In one set of packs, there are Original Overlays, Atmospheric Light, Beyond Skies, The Heavens, Bokeh Illusions, and The Lights.

In the second set of packs there are Original Textures, Dramatic Palette, Splat, Painters Palette, Box of Colours, Vintage Collection, Painterly Grunge, Obscure, Sky Beauty, Artist Beginnings, To Dust, Old World Gallery, and The Neutrals.

In the third set of packs (all of which include birds or trees for some reason) are Original Birds, With Wings, Birds like Snow, By the Wire, Uncaged Birds, Barely There, Spirit of the Trees, Lofty Birds, Winged Assistance, and Storybook Birds.

I believe if you purchase FX+ you don’t need to pay more for packs, but there are various purchase options.

Within each pack there are more than 2 dozen textures to choose from.  The only thing I don’t like is that once you pick your two packs for the main interface, it doesn’t tell you which packs you have chosen!

Distressed FX website

Distressed FX Tutorial

Best advice?  Get in there and play!  Here are some examples with the Texture pack titles and the specific texture(s) used.

Original image

Bokeh, Blue Light

The Lights, Fairy Kiss

Obscure, Silent Movie

Dramatic Palette, Alexandria

Barely There, Reach

By the Wire, Bird Chain

Mix: Bird Chain+Renai (Dramatic Palette)+Vinca (The Lights)

Thanks for visiting my 2022 A to Z Challenge – Letter F.  You can find links to more blogs participating in this challenge at Letter F, A to Z 2022 Challenge Master List (Google Docs).

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  1. Love all of these. Makes it look very magical and mysterious.

  2. Love the magical effects on this one.

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