2020 365: Day 73 (March 13)

The prompt today is “Free Theme Friday”.

Yes, Elliot again.  I didn’t even think of taking pictures today as we were all working on potential mitigation strategies for if Covid-19 shuts down our campus!

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  1. All Florida schools were told today that they will now be closed for 2 weeks. That’s in addition to the spring break they are on now…

    • I just heard last night our college admin is meeting again this morning as the university up the street from us sent out a notice that they were moving all their courses online. I suspect I will be very busy on Monday (I work in eLearning…)

      • Sounds like you will be very busy with all the online classes. Universities will be online but not sure about grammar schools….You and the kitties stay safe, Emily.

  2. Just about every damn thing is canceled in Ohio, and schools will be closed for the next three weeks. Grocery shelves are empty, and there are four confirmed cases in my immediate neighborhood. Worried? Moi? Nah … que sera, sera. Take care, my friend.

  3. Cool kitty – he’s not worried. 🙂

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