Just Jot it January, 2020: January 13

Just Jot it January, day 10!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 13th, 2020, is “subscribe.” Use the word “subscribe” any way you’d like. Have fun! (https://lindaghill.com/2020/01/13/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-13th-2020/)

I don’t really subscribe to the idea that when it snows, we still have to go to work.

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  1. That’s why I like living in the south: when it snows, we don’t go to work. Or anywhere else, for that matter. There are some that have to (police, fire, EMT’s, etc.), but the rest of us have the day off.

  2. Snow day stay home 💜

  3. Looks like it’s pretty early in the morning too. I’d hate that!

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