January Writing Prompts, Day 1 – The light bulb moment

From Putting My Feet in the Dirt (https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/), January’s prompts are here: https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2020/01/01/january-writing-prompts-3/

The light bulb moment for me last night came, and I know this will make you shake your head, when I realized Kevin was going to be late, riding his bike home in the pissing rain.  And wait, it was pissing rain, so BBQ was a bad idea.  And wait again…we had so much food, we didn’t really need ribs too.  Bing!  light bulb moment – we didn’t need to add the complexity of BBQ ribs to the already overwhelming menu of deliciousness.  One less thing to worry about, one less thing to keep me from enjoying our evening with friends!

And this was just a part of the appetizer magic…

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  1. I just got hungry. LOL. Happy New Year. Keep sharing and I will keep reading your posts. They are wonderful. Happy New Year,

  2. Quite right. We ate appetizers yesterday and so far today as well. Bits and bobs of yummy things. Glad Kevin made it home safe to nom 🙂

  3. We did the same as you–appetizers! Some leftovers, more crackers and cheese–We loved it, too!

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