Just Jot it January, 2019: January 25

“Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 25th is brought to you by JP! Click here to find her last post (honestly, I’m assuming JP’s a her–sorry, JP, if I’m wrong) and say hi while you’re there! JP’s word for our prompt today is “balance.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!” (https://lindaghill.com/2019/01/25/jusjojan-2019-daily-prompt-jan-25th/)

Balance is very important in life.

Physically, you can balance on one foot (it’s a lot harder when you’re standing on a bosu!), perhaps on one hand, or on your head.  If you take yoga, you learn a lot about balancing in many different ways.  Vertigo makes it very hard to find your balance.  I can’t look over a balcony without feeling like I’m going to lose my balance.

Mentally, you can have a balanced work-life situation, or balanced and controlled feelings.

You can balance your budget, balance the scales of justice, find a balance between two opposing points of view (this is sometimes called a compromise, the meaning of which a certain tangerine POTUS doesn’t seem to understand).

You, hopefully, have a bank balance, or hopefully don’t have a balance owing on your Visa.

In music, you need to have the right balance of the orchestra to the soloist, assuming you want to hear the poor flute player.

A balance is a kind of scale, or the regulating thingy in a watch or clock.

And on this blog, I need to provide you with a good balance of kitten photos to counteract all the writing I have done about balance…

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  1. That’s a great balance, love the kitty photo. 😉

  2. very nice closeup

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