Just Jot it January, 2019: January 17

“Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 17th is brought to you by John Holton! Click here to find his last post and say hi while you’re there! John’s word for our prompt today is “inch.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!” (https://lindaghill.com/2019/01/16/jusjojan-2019-daily-prompt-jan-16th-and-one-liner-wednesday/)  These Jots are not only my 500-words a day challenge, but also part of my  Ultimate Blogging Challenge challenge (http://ultimateblogchallenge.com).

Inch, inch, inch.  What can I say about inch that others haven’t already said today.  Like, give them and inch…you know the rest.  Or inching along slowly to try and reach 500 words for this, day 17 of Just Jot January?

It’s funny how we here in Canada claim to use the metric system, but still talk in terms of inches (and feet, and pounds…not gallons though, at least not at the gas station).  I couldn’t tell you what a centimetre is, but I can tell you how big an inch is.  And a foot.  And a yard.  Interestingly enough, foot can mean different things, and so can yard, but I can’t think of another meaning of inch. Well, except the inching along thing which is pretty clearly related to the distance of an inch.  A foot, however, is not necessarily a foot long, and a yard (as in back yard) is not probably ever a yard long.  Just saying.

This post is inching along…inch, by inch, by inch.  Not really painfully, for me anyway.  But I am having trouble staying focused.  Start Trek Discovery is on – the first episode of season 2.  I should be waiting to watch it with Kevin, but it’s on…what am I supposed to do?  Change the channel??  That’s crazy talk.

So, I will inch on out of there and give all my attention to this distraction.  And now, to distract you from this distraction, a random picture from my files.

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  1. This looks like miniature furniture! Like just a few inches…. 😀

  2. haha that’s crazy talk! 🙂
    Yeah, the patio furniture look kid sized, interesting perspective in that they are full sized really.

  3. I simply cannot metric. I have no idea what anyone is going on about in metric. I have to Google. It’s terrible. Over the years I’ve managed to grasp Celsius. I don’t know why they don’t teach us metrics, it’s embarrassing at times.

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