Colour Your World: Wild Watermelon

Today’s Colour Your World is Wild Watermelon (

I don’t know if this is “wild watermelon”, but it looks pretty good to my sore throat right now…


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  1. That does look cool and soothing. Hope you feel better soon! xo

  2. It looks watermelon-colour to me … I thought you were over your ‘bug’? Relapse? Probably going back to work that did it … 🙁

    • Yeah – thought it was a quick one, but came back with a vengeance. I am sure work had something to do with it (partly because everyone else has been sick too…)

  3. That looks amazing! Do cold things really help sore throats? I always drink hot tea when my throat is feeling sore. When I eat ice cream it makes me cough sometimes…so I always figured that would be bad for a sore throat…but maybe I just have a weird reaction! Anyway, I’m genuinely curious if that would soothe your throat.

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