Colour Your World: Turquoise Blue

Today’s Colour Your World is Turquoise Blue (

Is it green?  Is it blue?  No one really knows for sure…



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  1. Is that a flower pot? If so, what are you going to grow in it? Nice shot. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • Yup. I believe the little daffodil poking up was what I was trying to capture – those are hard!

      • Oooh daffodils! I love daffodils. 🙂 They are beautiful flowers that always make me smile. They also bring back some childhood memories for me, mainly of plucking one out of a neighbor’s yard and getting in trouble. That was a life lesson that I needed, though: Look, but don’t touch! and Ask before you pluck. 🙂

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