Cee’s Which Way Challenge: August 17, 2016

And today for Cee’s Which Way Challenge! (https://ceenphotography.com/2016/08/17/cees-which-way-photo-challenge-august-17-2016/)

“This all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.”

UPDATE:  I need to thank Cee for honouring me as a featured blogger for this post.  Thanks Cee!! (https://ceenphotography.com/2016/08/24/cees-which-way-photo-challenge-august-24-2016/)


Every path that goes down…


Must go back up again.  But it was ok – we had lunch to burn off!



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  1. Gorgeous shots! Bet you had a good lunch too ☺ Blessings!

  2. Wonderful entry for this week’s challenge. Thanks so much for playing.

  3. Congratulations! I have chosen your post to be featured on Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  4. Beautiful which ways.

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