A selection of plants and kitties

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I made use of the better day I had yesterday by dropping by a garden centre on the way home and enabling my desire to buy plants, specifically veggies – finally – for my raised beds, a few flowers for pots, and a couple of hanging post for the front porch and the deck.  Today after work I will plant them.  Indeed I shall.

Here you see some of my purchases:




And then…





‘nough said.

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  1. Love the one of him near the wine, then passed out in the chair in the next one. 😃

  2. Oh how I love making these purchases also and did in fact do so yesterday as well! I am re-doing my front porch plantings and borders – ripped out 15+ year old azaleas that were really pitiful. I only bought two Cabaret grasses and two Red Hot Pokers for now….but am so excited to have a new do in my yard!

    • I know! We pulled out 2 California Lilac bushes (completely overgrown) from the front yard last year, and I am finally getting rid of the grass (what there is) to plant in front – a blank slate!! I hope you post pictures of your new garden 🙂

  3. It’s a little early for planting in Canada since we still have frost most mornings but soon enough. Thanks for the boost!

  4. Looking good! Can’t wait to see how it all looks in the garden!

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