Well, I guess it’s Wednesday again

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I am recording this here in case I forget – it rained last night.  Well, it rained on Monday overnight too, but it really soaked last night.  I want to remember this because it may not rain again for awhile.  I could be wrong, but last year it rained so little I had a hard time remembering when the last time was it rained.  Strange to think it is drier here in the summer, in a city on the ocean, than it was in my prairie home of Saskatchewan!

So, I did some gardening after work yesterday.  Specifically I shifted much soil to the front yard, but I also picked up some new flower baskets for the front porch.





Not bad for baskets picked up at the grocery store down the street.


And now, kitties!

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  1. Your flowers and trees are beautiful! Everything looks so lush! I always thought of Canada as being the frozen north, always icy, but your photos tell the real story! 🙂

    • Oh, believe me. It’s not the “real” story. It’s only the story for Victoria, BC. The REST of Canada is definitely (well, for the most part) the frozen north, at least from October to March! I know. I’m from there!

  2. Beautiful flowers + cats with attitude always make for a good blog post. Especially like this after all those letters. Nice to see just something.

  3. rainydayreflections

    Thanks for the follow & stopping by my corner of the blogging sphere. I love all your flower & photos. I plan to find time to look around your blog soon. 🙂

  4. Your flowers look so pretty. 🙂

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