A to Z Challenge: G is for Grain

Welcome to today’s post for the great Blogging A to Z Challenge!

Today is G is for Grain.

Ok, G was hard.  I finally decided on Grain, even thought this is really more applied to pre-digital photography (remember those days of taking pictures and having no idea if any of them would turn out?  I do – I did NOT pick up a camera until those days were done.)

So, from what I read (mostly on http://www.adorama.com/alc/0012955/article/FAQ-What-is-Noise-in-a-Digital-Photograph) Grain is basically “noise” in the picture.  It’s easy to see in old film pictures, but harder to emulate with digital cameras.  I’ve been trying all morning to create a “grainy” picture, and dammit – the pictures just keep turning out ok!

Some of the things that cause “noise” are:  a high ISO (which you ironically need when shooting in dark spaces), cameras with small sensors (like iPhones, which explains why noisy images are easier to get with the iPhone), longer exposure times, and shadows.  I’ll take their word for it – and probably will know it when I see it (someday…)

So, I don’t know if these qualify, but here are some “grainy” shots I finally decided on.

grain1 grain2 grain3 grain4

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  1. They are good clicks …
    I like second one most

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

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