A to Z Challenge: D is for Depth of Field

Welcome to today’s post for the great Blogging A to Z Challenge!

Today is D for Depth of Field.

According to this article:  http://digital-photography-school.com/understanding-depth-field-beginners/, Depth of Field as something to do with focus.  I guess really, focus is king in photography all the time.  It sure has cropped up a lot so far in this Challenge!

Anyway, back to the lesson at hand.  A shallow depth of field is a narrow focus (so kind of like what I was doing with bokeh), and a deep depth of focus has everything in focus.  Kind of.  Maybe.  I think.  So, a small F number, and the closer you are to the subject = shallow depth of field, and a larger F number, the farther away you are from the subject =  deep depth of field.  I’m not going to talk about focal length.  That sounds too complicated for me right now.

What I have here are some pictures first with a deeper depth of focus.  I need to work on this one out in the world beyond our backyard.  Time for a walk with the old DSLR!  Tomorrow…

depth1 depth2


And now, here are some shallow depth of focus shots.  I’ve done more of these for my other posts for this Challenge.

depth3 depth4

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