Life has taught me well…

In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

What makes a teacher great?

Well, that’s a pretty big question.  For a Sunday.  For International Women’s Day.  Not to mention Daylight Savings Time day, so I’ve lost an hour and feel like I’m late.  Oh, so late…Not sure for what, but I really feel that lost hour!  Well, anyway the greatest teachers lets you explore topics in your own way.  So, here we go…

So, I didn’t go for a walk yesterday (I did laundry, cleaned the house – which was in desperate need of cleaning – went to a concert with mom and dad, and then ate a late dinner with Kevin).  But here are a few pics from past days anyway.

First, here are some of the spoils from my Veg Box I got from our local corner grocery store (Niagara Grocery:  It’s been here for longer than our house I think – well over 100 years, and they sell incredible local produce, local meat products, and roast their own coffee beans.  The Veg Boxes is a program where, weekly, I pick up a box that they have filled with all locally grown and mostly organic produce – different items each week!  Very yummy.


And just because, here are some of the same pics I posted yesterday, but after I had some fun with them in Photoshop Elements!  I kind of like the antique look…



March62015f March62015g March62015h

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  1. Oh, how I WISH I ate enough to be able to buy those veg boxes … [sob !]

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